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Maintenance + Event + Promotion

1. Server Fix:

- DC when use Channel Changer
- Panda/Skeleton PET not pick zen
- BUG when put items in groups in Store
- BUG when checking 'Item List' in Store
- Nixies Lake Map Exp BUG Fixed
- Upgrade Damage of Penta/Ertell Mastery
- Ferea BOSS door not close BUG Fixed
- Nars BOSS illusions not create BUG Fixed
- GremoryCase item withdrawal system Fixed
- Added Excellent Options on 'Lucky SET'
- Blessing of Light now give master experience
- Many other small fixes that we forgot to list here

2. Christmas Event:

- Invasions now are available DOUBLE times per day
*If invasion 2 times per day, now 4 times

- WCoin for: Monkey, Rooster, Puppy, Pig & Mouse Invasion is now 15 instead 10.
*50% Extra WCoin on Invasions

- Ruud for: Elite Monsters from Abyssal, Scorched, Crimson, Temple, Ashen, Blaze is now 1000~2500 instead 500~1000
*More than 100% Extra Ruud on Invasions

- Reset now gives 25 Credit instead 20
*25% Extra Credit on Reset

Hope you guys enjoy our Christmas Event!
Duration on Event is until 27/December.
Enjoy it.

3. Promotion:

Who donate an specific value, will receive an specific extra credit.
Its your time to donate and get BIG MOUNT OF CREDITS!
Also, if you reach some specific value, will get specific EXTRA prize.

- Donate 10$ and receive +1.000 Credit (4.000 Credits Total)
- Donate 25$ and receive +4.125 Credit (12.000 Credits Total)
- Donate 50$ and receive +8.500 Credit (25.000 Credits Total) + GHOST HORSE +15
- Donate 100$ and receive +19.500 Credit (55.000 Credits Total) + DRAGON BLUE +15
- Donate 200$ and receive +42.000 Credit (120.000 Credits Total) + DRAGON RARE +15
- Donate 300$ and receive +63.500 Credit (180.000 Credits Total) + RYAN BLUE +15
- Donate 500$ and receive +110.125 Credit (325.000 Credits Total) + RYAN GOLDEN +15

This promo is valid during this week: 22/DECEMBER until 27/DECEMBER
When you donate, you receive the extra credit automatically (packages are already updated).
To receive the Extra Prize (Mount), contact us via facebook.
Enjoy it!


Posted 22 Dec 2021 by actionmu

Currently this is only one server.